This is how it looks when swedes and northerners are shopping in 2019

When we take a look at Swedes and how the shoppingtrends looks during the past year, we can see that people from Stockholm and from Småland spend the most per receipt. While people from Norrbotten has the longest average receipt and does not use offers in the same way as from other parts of the country.

The report from Voyado* also shows that men exploit current offers to a greater extent than women, 152% more.


Our behavior online

When Swedes shop online, men have 74% higher average receipt than women, yet women shop online 32% more often than men. In other words, Swedish women shop online more often but for smaller amount and men for higher amounts when they choose to buy something online.

The report also shows that women are more likely to return products that they shop online than men are. Something we can see is a link to the fact that if you buy more online it is likely that you will also send back several purchases.

Furthermore, the report shows us that the older the Swedes become, the more likely it is that we take part in the mailoffers you receive. Mostly, men are likely to do so, twice as often as women.


This is important when we shop

When Nordic consumers shop and make purchases, it has been found that 90% plan to shop in physical stores during shopping holidays, while 54% shop more online than before. It is therefore important that he has a strategy that extends across more channels, both instore and online, as consumers move freely between them.

However, its not enough to just be available in all channels as consumers tend to constantly compare and evaluate different brands, retailers and locations. Companies must therefore ensure that, among other things, they have well-planned loyalty programs. This is shown in this report from Salesforce ** where 8 out of 10 consumers find it important to belong to a program and get value for their purchases.

In addition to loyalty programs, exclusive shoppingevents and limited edition products are considered to be attracting for consumers. The last two are mainly seen by the younger target group.

Last but not least, we have ethics. Something that is increasingly affecting consumers when buying. According to the report, 60% more than last year, of the Nordic consumers, who care about the company’s ethics and sustainability are linked to the company’s business model.


When we seek inspriation

To seek inspiration today, the Nordic consumers turn to shops and influencers. In stores we can discover new products and evaluate them. To ”pinch and feel” before deciding on a purchase. The report also shows that with the younger generation, it is through influencers that many find inspiration and new products to test. As many as 37% new products via influencers and 20% report that it is through Instagram.

Today, it turns out that 1 in 10 purchases are made at new digital outlets that are outside and widely different from the retailer and the brand.


We hope that with this as a background you can look at how you work towards consumers going forward and what strategies are good for you to put in place to meet today’s consumers.

Want to find out more about the buying behavior of the Swedes and the Nordic consumers?
Check out the reports below.

* Voyado’s report on Swedes’ shoppinghabits online and in physical stores. The survey is based on data from 47 of Sweden’s largest customer clubs and a total of over 2.6 million memberships – in everything from fashion to food.

** Salesforce Report Connected Shopper

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