Great interest in Retain24’s mobile gift cards and coupons

2014 was the year when the media market made a huge turn for the better and where mobile marketing made the largest turn. Retain24’s solution for mobile gift cards and coupons has generated great interest. In a short time Retain24 have signed cooperative agreements with nine partners that will complement Retain24, and help our affiliated stores out onto the mobile arena.


Retain24 has got online connection to cash registers at retailers that together have more than 7 000 stores. This means that they can create and validate gift cards in real time. Our subsidiary, Verifylr, is now offering the opportunity to enter the fast growing media channel of mobile gift cards and coupons.


– The interest in our mobile solutions has been overwhelming. Over 80 percent of all consumers own a smart phone today, and that creates new demands of individually adjusted communication to increase sales, explains Claudio Simatovic, CEO on Retain24.


Undoubtedly the cell phone is today’s hottest and fastest growing marketing channel. In 2014, the cell phone marketing niche grew with over 65 percent in Sweden, and according to a fresh report from the analysis firm Forresters, those digital media investments will pass commercial TV within two years.


– The interest from both the retailers and our partners has been great. Everybody wants in on the fast growing mobile channel, and we have a lot to offer. Everything from offering consumers the possibility to register their gift cards in their smartphones, to creating fast mobile phone campaigns spiced up with viral distribution on social media, says Joachim Alvarez, Product Manager on Verifylr.


About Verifylr:

Verifylr helps companies to send out offers, gift cards and bonuses directly to customers’ mobile phones. By distributing the value code directly to the mobile phone you come very close to the consumer and the time of purchase. The code is validated and generates detailed statistics in real time. The value code can only be redeemed once.


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