Granngården’s gift cards moves into your smartphone

Retain24 has started working with Loyo – an app for loyalty programs, credit cards and gift cards. Users of Retain24’s gift card system can now let their customers save their gift cards in the Loyo app. The app shows the customers both balance and expiration date, and also lets them use the value of the gift card for payment.


More and more of the contents of our wallets moves into our smartphones, and it’s a natural effect to also want to save your gift cards here. Losing a gift card is not so different from losing cash in the street. To offer your customers the possibility to register their gift cards in the Loyo app is a way for the customer to protect that cash.” L-G Haedge, head of marketing at Retain24.


First to come among Retain24’s customers is Granngården, who already have their loyalty program digitally in Loyo. ”We always endeavor to get the best solutions for our customers” says Emilia Sahlén, head of CRM at Granngården. ”We now give our customers the possibility to save all of our cards directly in their smartphone.”


Christian Muda is head of marketing at Loyo: ”We continuously work with maximizing the benefits of Loyo, and the cooperation with Retain24 and Granngården makes the app even better. You will never again have to realize that you have forgotten the gift card at home. You will be able to see both the balance and the expiration date, and also be able to pay via the app.”


About Loyo:
Loyo’s app allows you to collect all your loyalty programs, credit cards and gift cards in your smartphone – get rid of all plastic cards, track your loyalty programs, and receive your offers and benefits digitally. You can also simply become a member of new loyalty programs or apply for credit cards through Loyo.

Download Loyo for free from Appstore or Google Play. Read more at


About Granngården:
Granngården is a nationwide chain of stores with a 109 stores around Sweden. They offer a wide selection for anyone that loves animals and gardening. They sell through stores, mailing order and e-business.

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