Don’t hide the Christmas gift of the year!

It is the perfect Christmas present

In a time where the customer has access to all available product information through their cell phones, the average customer has turned into a product specialist. All this knowledge has made them more choosy and considerably more difficult to shop for. This of one of the main reasons that more and more customers have decided that as Christmas gift buying goes, gift cards are the perfect solution.

Gift cards for billions

Gift cards amount to about 1 percent of the total sales for a company. In 2013 the Swedish retail sector sold for about SEK 646 billion, and the Christmas shopping for 65,6 billion. December consists of about one third of all gift cards transactions that goes through Retain24’s system. This means that gift cards for millions are sold during Christmas shopping, and they are still often hidden behind the register in many stores.

A time for change

It’s now time for the stores to go with the change and face customer demands. The gift cards need to be showed off and exposed attractively. A gift card always generates two customer visits: one from the buyer and one from the receiver. Also, customers with gift cards usually spend more than the value of the gift card once they use it. A gift card is not only the perfect gift for the receiver, but also for the store that sells it. The customers demand the gift cards, don’t let them keep searching for them.


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