Butterick´s chooses Retain24s gift card system

Environmentally friendly gift card at Butterick´s when choosing Retain24 as a gift card supplier.

Butterick’s Leco, one of the country’s largest party and masquerade companies, selects environmentally friendly gift cards from Retain24. A gift card that is completely free of PVC. The Butterick’s is already cash-free and by now offering its consumers gift cards for both webshop and in their physical stores, shopping at Butterick’s becomes even more convenient.

– We are very happy that Butterick’s has chosen our system to handle their gift cards. They have already implemented the system and are going to received their first delivery of eco friendly gift cards soon. We hope that our gift cards will contribute to fewer leaving the store without shopping. Butterick’s has over 5,000 articles in its range, so if you are looking for a present I can understand if you are unsure of what the recipient wants. A gift card solves this, says Kerstin Svensson, sales manager at Retain24.

Retain24’s gift card system gives Butterick’s consumers the opportunity to buy physical gift cards in the company’s all stores in Sweden, but also online. Butterick´s currently has well-visited stores and is the obvious choice when partying, masquerade or when it is time to buy fun gifts. The focus on gift cards should, among other things, help them catch up with the customers who choose to leave their stores without buying anything.

– We have presents for all occasions, but sometimes it can be difficult to know what the recipient wants and then a gift card is the perfect solution. A gift card is also good because it generates two visits: the one who buys the gift card and the one that redeems it. We chose the environmentally friendly gift cards, which feels quite right in time”, says Stina Petrini, marketing and business development manager at Butterick’s Leco.

Are you interested in knowing more about our organic gift cards and the gift voucher system? Read more about our solution here. Or contact us at info@retain24.com or call +46 8 39 96 10.

Butterick’s Leco is Sweden’s most fun store and sells everything you need for a party such as table setting and decoration items, fun / odd gifts as well as fancy dress and accessories. What is perhaps best known for Butterick’s is their joke articles that are still their top sellers today.

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