Bastard Burgers becomes a new customer

Bastard Burgers is a fast growing street food chain. Award-winning burgers and Sweden’s largest vegan selection are served here. Love of food and people has created a strong culture around Bastard Burgers, where both climate-smart initiatives and loud hip hop can be found. The inspiration is taken from New York and the quality comes from north of Sweden. Now Bastard Burgers has also decided to invest in gift cards and chooses Retain24 and Awardit as a supplier for this.

Being able to offer new and old guests the opportunity to buy our gift cards feels really exciting. A collaboration that we believe will drive a lot of traffic and sales to our restaurants. An important aspect of our decision-making process was the opportunity to sell and distribute our gift cards in several channels, Tina Bohlin, Head of Sales at Bastard Burgers says.

The gift cards can be bought and redeemed in all restaurants in Sweden (except Arlanda T4), but the idea is to distribute in the Nordics within a couple of years. In the long term, sales of digital gift cards will also take place via Not only that, their digital gift cards will also be marketed and resold through Awardit’s approximately 60 points shops, with the opportunity to reach 13 million members.

This is an incredibly exciting collaboration we have started. Gift cards are a very good product for creating both traffic and sales to their restaurants. Bastard Burgers is in an expansive stage and it will be interesting to see them grow, and be part of that journey, says Kerstin Svensson, Sales Manager at Retain24.

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