B2B sales a boost för Södertälje’s gift card program

Södertälje City Center received a very large order for several thousand gift cards, and thus needed to invest in a new, more modern system. They chose Retain24s subsidiaries Presend, who can deliver both the system, as well as the cards needed.

Lena Schulte, manager for Södertälje City Center Association, says that they have been dealing with gift cards for a long time, but earlier it has been a manual system, with gift cards made of paper.

This big order came from one of Södertälje´s many large companies, that wanted to buy Södertälje City centers gift cards as a Christmas present for all of its employees. ”A gift card is truly the perfect Christmas present for companies. When the program launches, we will have about 120 different companies connected, where you can redeem the gift card. There is something for everyone in Södertälje City Center”, says Lena.

”The US and Great Britain are mature gift card markets, and B2B sales constitute significant   shares. In the US about 20% and in Great Britain about 50%”, relates  L-G Haedge, chief of marketing on Retain24. ”The freedom of choice is the reason that a gift card is such a popular gift for companies. You can buy a gift card from any business or shopping mall, and anyone who receives this gift can find something they need or want.”

The new gift card system comes with great expectations, and Lena Schulte is hoping to sell 15 000 – 20 000 gift cards next year. ”Södertälje is the home of several large companies, and this is the perfect gift/reward for their employees. We see great opportunities with this gift card system, and we will be able to handle much larger volumes. That is a lot of money that will be spent in our members stores.” The number of members has also increased with 10% since the news came out about this new gift card that can only be redeemed at members’ businesses. ” Our mission is to drive traffic to our members’ stores, and that is something that we from now on will manage even better with our modern gift card system from Presend”, adds Lena.

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