8 occasions to give a gift card

It is known that gift cards are a popular gift that is appreciated by the recipient. According to a survey by First Data *, it is gift cards that you prefer to give away as a gift. Yes its right, gift cards come before all other gifts. So when do you have the next opportunity to give away a gift? Here you get tips on 8 occasions where a gift card fits perfectly.

To the birthday
Sure, it feels like someone always has a birthday? And so it circulates around and around. Sometimes you have good ideas on what the birthday child should get and sometimes you get tired of coming up with new gift ideas. Whether you have an idea or not, it’s always a good idea to give away a gift card as a birthday present. Save yourself the trouble of running around in store after store, to finally buy flowers and a lot. Instead, takeon the safe card – the gift card!

As a wedding gift
Many who are getting married do not want anything specific, sometimes just money for the honeymoon. Therefore, it is often difficult to select a wedding gift that fits both the bride and the groom. But a fairly simple solution to that problem is to buy a gift card at, for example, a restaurant, at a travel agency or at a shop where the bride and groom can find something for their common home. That’s what you call a win-win!

At a dinner with friends
Many times you are invited to friends for dinner. You often feel that you want to bring something as a thank you for the dinner. It is common to buy flowers, wine, chocolate or something like that. Not always something that suits the host couple and it can start to be monotonous if you go to dinner with the same people several times. So, surprise with a gift card next time, where the host couple can choose exactly what they want. It dosen’t have to be much, this is most symbolic as a thank you for the food.

Father’s & Mother’s Day
Just like birthdays, Father and Mother’s Day are recurring every year. Nothing that really needs to be celebrated with presents, but just to pay a little attention to one’s parents can suffice. For some reason it is nevertheless a occasion that no one wants to forget and gladly give a gift at. So be sure to send a nice surprise in the mailbox next time, a gift card at their favorite store.

To your friend on the singles day
We know that it is not so fun to be single on Valentine’s Day, but that is why you have to take the opportunity and celebrate a little extra on the singles day. Here you can make a friend extra happy by messing or emailing over a gift card. Anything your buddy can use and indulge just this day or when it suits.

At the naming ceremony
Have you been invited to your buddy or sibling’s naming ceremony? Then you know what will be appreciated in the envelope – a gift card. It can be on one thing the child can use in the future such as a jewelry or a toy. Make it easy for yourself and let your parents go back and change because of. duplicate purchases, which are easily done at such an event.

Different pastry days
You can not have missed that the whole year is filled with opportunities to celebrate a patry day with a swedish ”fika”. Maybe next time your turn to surprise your colleagues with a gift certificate at the nearest bakery. Or why not at 7eleven located around every corner? Easy to send and retrieve directly in the day.

A classic Christmas gift
Something that repeats and comes every year is Christmas. With that also Christmas presents that are something that can affect the stress level of many. Make it calmer for you as a buyer, invest in buying gift cards as a Christmas present next time. It turns out to be something that is high on the wish lists year after year.

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