5 ways to wrapp your gift card

After you have bought a gift card as a gift, it is always nice if it comes with a folder or something similar around the gift card itself. If you do not want to buy a folder for your gift card then here is five fun ways to wrapp your gift card. Good luck and be inventive!

Hide in several boxes
A gift card is a small gift to the surface. So why not play with the one who will get the gift a little? You do this by entering the gift card into different boxes. Start with a small gift box and then put it in a slightly larger box and so on. You can go as far as you want, maybe use a large moving box. Then the receiver will be suprised to se the little gift card inside after opening many layers.

Wrapp the gift card like a small bouquet
Make your gift card a little flower bouquet using a nice gift paper and cellophane paper. Wrap the gift card in some colorful paper and then place cellophane paper around it. Tie a nice lace around and frizzle it. If desired, you can add a greeting card next to the gift card before placing cellophane paper around. So now it’s ready to give away!

Create an figure or an animal
Be creative and make your gift card into an old man or animal. This can be a fun gift for a child or anyone really. Enter the gift card with wrapping paper and use as body. From there you can expand with the help of, for example, gift paper and make a figure. Glue or tape eyes, ears, tail or whatever you want to create the shape of say a animal or other figure.

Make the gift card into a frame
This is a simple but rather personal solution to how you can wrap your gift card. Enter the gift card as it is with any gift paper. When you are done, you print out a photo of you and the person who will receive the gift. Cut it out nearly like the size of the gift card, slightly smaller, and paste on the wrapped gift card. The wrapping now looks like a frame around the photo.

Make a connection to where the gift card is purchased
When you have bought your gift card, it can be fun to give a clue to where the gift card comes from. For example, if you bought a gift card from a clothing store, you can put it in a sock or if the gift card can be used in a bookshop, hide it in a book. Surprise the person receiving the gift card and give a way to presents in one.


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