4 fun ways to give your gift cards some attention

In addition to showing that you´re selling gift cards in store and online, there are other ways to give your gift cards attention as a product. Here are four tips on how your company can market your gift cards in a festive way 🎉


1. Gift cards in the package delivered 📬

Do you have a web shop and get a lot of orders online? Then we advise you to deposit a gift card in the package for first-time customers or those who shop in your web shop very rarely. Choose a symbolic amount and give it as a nice gesture because when they just have ordered from your shop. If the customer is satisfied with the products from you, they will most likely return and then have a gift card to use. Also, this way you show the customers that you sell gift cards in general.

2. When frequent customers buys a lot💰

When you have frequent customers that is shopping in your store it can many times be a person who is shopping for a big amount. So why not get their attention with a small gift? For example, if they buy something for more than 500 SEK, they will receive a gift card worth say 100 SEK. Then the customer probably will be grateful and returns to your store. In addition to that you pay attention to your gift cards and that your are selling them in your stores.

3. Gift cards as a prize in a competition 🏆

Having competitions in social channels has become very common. So if you are active in any channel, put together a competition and spread that the prize is a gift card at your stores. You will in that way get attention as a company, but you also show that gift cards are a product that you are selling as other products.

4. Create personalized gift cards 🤸

Select a customer group and create personalized gift cards for just them. Print new personal gift cards with motives just for that customer group, for example, a category of products that they often shop along with their name on it. Charge the gift card with an amount and send it to them. Also, make sure to invite them to share what they have purchased for their personalized gift card with a hash tag. This way you encourage them to buy something from you and create a buzz around your brand and most important your gift cards.


With these tips we hope that you will be inspired to market and work more with your gift cards. Maybe you have your own ideas on how to make your gift card even more visible for the customers? Dare to experiment! Just like any product, gift cards also need attention. Good luck!

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