3 common mistakes companies make with their gift cards instore and online

All people who work with gift cards today do not really treat the product with care. That´s something we want to change. Here we highlight some common mistakes that companies make with their gift cards instore and in their webshop. Read below to get some tips along the way that will help you work with gift cards even more strategically and avoid making this mistake.


Mistakes made instore:


1. Few gift cards avilable
A common mistake instore is that the gift card isn´t avilable just like any other product in the store. Take it as a habit when refilling other products to also refill your gift cards. It becomes more visible that you are selling gift cards and that it is something you choose to highlight. Don’t forget that each gift card that´s being sold renders two visits to your stores.

2. They are not visible for the customer
Another mistake that can be made is that the gift cards aren´t visible to your customers who comes into the store. If they are hidden behind a sign, in a box under the checkout or suspended behind the checkout, chances that the visitor will have an idea to buy gift cards are small. So make sure to expose your gift cards clearly to your visitors.

3. No reminder about them
Last but not least, it is common for companies not to remind customers, in other ways than hanging the gift cards at the checkout, that they have gift cards. Therefore, consider the signage in your stores. Maybe you can have a sign at the entrance, on the floor on shelves to remind your customers that they can buy gift cards from you.


Mistakes made online:


1. Unable to redeem in the webshop
Assume that a person received a gift card as a birthday present. Then it is important for the person to decide how they want to redeem and use the gift card, either in a store or in your webshop. This makes it important that you can redeem the gift card in your webshop. One mistake that several companies have chosen not to have is the exact redemption of gift cards, they only give the opportunity to buy gift cards.

2. Not visible to anyone visiting the website
One of three mistakes we often see happening online is that if a person that visits your website cannot easily find your gift cards. So make sure that your gift cards have their own page that is presented, that you highligt them somewhere on the first page and also that gift cards are searchable in the search function on the website.

3. No reminder outside the webshop
One last mistake companies makes is not to market your gift cards outside the webshop. In places that can direct existing and new customers to your gift card sales online. Therefore, please look over which digital channels you use and if there are places where you can lift your gift cards in a good way. There are occasions all year to market your gift cards.


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