As a customer to Retain24, you have the opportunity to reach even more consumers through a partner network that resales gift cards both in stores and online. One partner in that network is MBXP. They are the leading player in resalling gift cards in physical stores the Nordic region’s. They have a total of 11,000 stores in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland in their network.

In Sweden alone, they have a reach of over 3,000 stores like Hemköp, Willys, 7-eleven, Pressbyrån, City Gross and Circle K. Since December, Coop is also a part of their store network with a total of 700 stores in Sweden. Coop in Norway and Denmark is both in the network since before.

Today, some of Retain24’s customers sell their gift cards via MBXPs channels, and through these they have succeeded in increasing their profitability and brand awareness.

– For our customers, our partner network with retailers is a great addition to their own channels and a opportunity to reach even more consumers. MBXP’s store network has lots of stores to resell their gift cards through. And since Coop is one of the largest food retailers in Sweden, our customers benefit greatly from the fact that MBXP can now offer them as another alternative point of sale, says L-G Haedge, Client Success Manager at Retain24.

For customers who are also active in the Nordic countries, in addition to Coop’s stores in Norway and Denmark, you can also be seen at Kesko and Rkioski in Finland, OK +, Q8, 7-eleven, Circle K in Denmark, Norgesgruppen, 7- eleven and Narvessen in Norway. In total, MBXP’s store network amounts to approximately 11,000 stores in the Nordic region and the number will increase as further chains intend to start selling gift cards in collaboration with MBXP.

– Through our store network, all companies that want to sell gift cards get lots of places to appear on throughout the Nordic region. It increases brand awareness and leads to profitable additional sales, says Jonathan Bautista, Commercial Director at MBXP.

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