We grow with our customers

Retain24 proudly presents a selection of the new companies that have chosen our gift card system in 2015. In the autumn we will launch a number of additional new gift card programs just in time for the holiday shopping season to kick off.


Gustavsvik Resort AB choose to sell their gift card at the resort, while Fotografiska Muséet choose a solution that works for both their shop and e-commerce. Norwegian Möbelringen and Scandinavian Photo with operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, both choose a combined retail and e-commerce solution.

Retain24s gift card system is flexible and works with most major POS-systems in the Nordic countries, and extends easily to more countries as companies grow their operations abroad.


”The reason why you choose Retain24 as gift card supplier is that the system is flexible and can adapt to the needs of the company. It works in stores, online and the system grows with the company into new markets. In addition, you can let the dealer expose and sell gift cards at stores or online in a simple and safe way, ”said Kerstin Svensson, sales manager at Retain24.


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