Verifylr in unique collaboration with Rchery – A Smarter Wallet

Retain24s subsidiary Verifylr has signed a cooperation agreements with the American company Rchery – A Smarter Wallet that just has been launched on the Swedish market. Through this partnership, Retain24s customers are offered the opportunity to publish their mobile gift cards in Rcherys app.


Rchery is a so-called ”lock screen promotion” service where the user gets an offer when they unlock their mobile phone, which they can choose to take part of. Once users have downloaded the application in their mobile phone they choose which companies they want to receive special offers from. Users will receive a maximum of 3 offers a day and the user will receive 2 SEK in compensation for each offer they receive. The amount is then converted to mobile gift cards.


– It is very valuable for Rchery to cooperate with Verifylr and Retain24.It gives our users a wide range of mobile gift card to choose from as a reward, when they accept offers in their mobile phone, says Per Jirstrand, CEO of Rchery.


Right now the application is available on Android. Within the next few weeks, the service will also be launched for iPhone through App Store.


– Everybody talks about mobile marketing but if the truth should be told, many companies have not yet started with mobile marketing. We see it as our duty to help Retain24s customers to get into the mobile arena, says Joachim Alvarez, Product Manager at Verifylr.


About Verifylr:

Verifylr is a fully owned subsidiary of Retain24, the leading gift card processor in the Nordic region. Verifylr helps companies send gift cards, bonuses, and promotions directly to the customers’ mobile phones. By distributing value codes directly to the mobile phone you come very close to the consumer and the time of purchase. The code is validated in real time and can only be redeemed once.


About Rchery

Rchery is a smarter wallet that rewards the user with money when they receive offers from selected brands to their mobile phone. Rchery makes it easier to shop smarter, while the user can make money through the app. By creating an entirely new marketing channel, Rcherys goal is to relocate the money for traditional marketing directly to the consumer through gift cards.


For more information:

Kerstin Nilsson-Svensson, Sales Manager, Retain24
Tel: + 46 (0)70 203 08 99. E-mail:

Per Jirstrand, CEO, Rchery,
Tel:+1 646 724 1246. E-mail:

Joachim Alvarez, Product Manager, Verifylr
Tel: +46 (0)70 432 63 10. Email:

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