Verifylr in cooperation with Sparakvittot

Retain24s subsidiary Verifylr has signed a cooperation agreement with Sparakvittot (SaveTheReceipt). Retailers that are using Retain24’s system can now enable their customers to save their mobile gift cards in Sparakvittot. The cooperation also means that the connected retailers will be able to create loyalty campaigns; for example to reward the users in direct connection to the purchase. Soon you will also be able to register your physical gift cards in the app.


Users can now store their receipts digitally in the app Sparakvittot, which apart from the fact that lost receipts will no longer be a problem, also involves many unique and exciting added-values. The cooperation between Verifylr and Sparakvittot gives all the retailers the opportunity to sell mobile gift cards to customers directly in the app.


– The majority of consumers own a smartphone that they always bring with them. Through the cooperation with Verifylr, the users will be able to buy mobile gift cards and make sure that they are always within reach in their mobile phone, says Per Einarsson, founder of Sparakvittot.


Sparakvittot is available as an app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.


– Sparakvittot is a very user friendly app in our mobile phones, that is naturally brought to the POS, and that makes this a very interesting cooperation. We also see many exciting opportunities to generate loyalty, create campaigns within the app and to deliver measurable sales, says Joachim Alvarez, CEO at Verifylr.


About Verifylr:
Verifylr International AB is a subsidiary to Retain24, the leading gift card processor in Scandinavia. Verifylr helps companies send bonuses, offers and gift cards directly to the users mobile phones. By distributing the value code directly to the mobile phone one stays very close to the consumer and to the point of purchase. The code is validated in real time and can only be redeemed once. Read more at


About Sparakvittot:
Sparakvittot is a part of Findity who provides infrastructure for digital receipts, and offers services based upon this infrastructure: Sparakvittot, SportExpense, CompanyExpense and GreenBin. Read more at


For more information:

Lars-Gunnar Haedge, Marketing Manager, Retain24 Sverige AB, 0705-353 877,

Joachim Alvarez, CEO, Verifylr International AB, 0704-326 310,

Per Einarsson, Business Development, Findity AB, 0734-404 222,

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