TUI Nordic sends e-gift cards directly from the CRM system

Although all companies strive to deliver as good a product or service as possible, sometimes it still ends up going wrong. When that happens there is a need to compensate those affected. A gift card is a great solution here. Often it is customer service that first receives the call from the customer, and by managing these customer complaints professionally, the company has much to gain. A well-managed complaint can thus on the contrary lead to a very loyal customer. By submitting reimbursement on a gift card the customer will also likely return, and then you can also be more generous and give little higher compensation than what the customer may actually be eligible for.


We have spoken to Annika Gadman, responsible for complaints at TUI Nordic, to find out how a large company with numerous customer contacts handles these relationships.


TUI Nordic uses a CRM systems called Lime PRO, and have made an integration with Retain24s electronic gift card system into this to handle complaints in an efficient and effective manner. This connection allows for them to send electronic gift cards directly from the system to their customers. The gift cards are loaded and sent to the customers as an e-gift card, delivered via e-mail or SMS. This new feature is now introduced in all the Nordic countries.


Since much of TUI Nordics business takes place online, and much of the contact with customers happens via e-mail, it was natural to extend to also sending reimbursements by this channel.


When asked how this has affected the daily work Annika Gadman responds that ”it has been very positive and streamlined much of the daily work. There were lots of manual handling earlier, since we sent physical electronic gift cards. The gift cards were loaded, we had to write a letter and then envelope, stamp and mail it. All that is gone now. There can also sometimes be a matter of quite large sums of money and it feels better to send the reimbursement via e-mail, which is a more direct contact with the customer.”


This change was implemented in September and customers have been so positive towards the change that when the project had been running for just a month and a half, 70% chose e-gift cards. Some customers have mentioned that they are afraid to forget or lose the physical gift card, and therefore think it has been very convenient to receive it by email, where it is kept in your inbox or saved on your computer or mobile phone.


About TUI Nordic

In TUI Nordic included brands as Fritidsresor, Danish Star Tour, Norwegian Star Tour, Finnish Finnmatkat and TEMA, Nazar, WonderCruises and the airline TUIfly Nordic.

TUI Nordic, with a Nordic market share of 20 percent in 2014, is also the largest tour operator in the Swedish market. The company was founded by Bengt Bengtsson and Håkan Hellström 1961 in Sweden, then named ICA Travel. Today TUI Nordic offers package holidays, flights and cruises. Some of the most popular destinations are the Canary Islands, Thailand, and Turkey.

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