Eco-friendly gift cards are just right in time

Last fall, Retain24 started delivering eco-friendly gift cards printed on organic paper. Since then, many requests have been received during the past year from our customers regarding this gift cards.

The customers who are placing a new order on physical gift cards now prefer to use the more environmentally friendly alternative. These gift cards are completely free of PVC and can be broken down, recycled and composted in 100% correct way.

– It feels extremely important that we can offer gift cards that are both eco-friendly but also have a good quality. And with this gift cards we get the opportunity to help our customers with their environmental work, which feels very positive. The environment is a topic that engages many companies at all levels, Carolina Smedh, Production Manager at Retain24 tells us.

Our customers are environmentally conscious

Interflora is one of the customers that has chosen to switch, as well as Brothers and Cervera. Systembolaget also chose to resume collaboration with Retain24 recently in large part due to the eco-friendly gift cards option. And the customer who was the first to place an order and receive the more eco-friendly gift cards was Life:

– At Life, we help our customers to stay naturally healthy. They are conscious and in great demand for environmentally friendly products. As part of our sustainability work, it was an obvious choice to switch to environmentally friendly gift cards. In this way we can meet customer demand for natural and sustainable products in everything from assortment to store materials. Something we try to do to the greatest extent possible without compromising product safety, says Elin Bylund, Marketing Manager at Life.


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