E-commerce in Sweden increased by 45 percent in July

As a result of the current corona pandemic, the number of visits to physical stores has decreased significantly. The majority of people want to avoid crowds and places where you can meet many people at the same time, such as grocery stores and public transport. According to the report e-barometer from PostNord *, physical products are purchased online and in July it was reported that e-commerce increased by as much as 45% compared to last year in the same month in Sweden.



In this report, we further learn that Swedes e-shop around 18 times a year, approximately 1-2 times a month. The average number of items traded per online purchase has increased during the pandemic and since April has been at a high level. The statistics show us that 3 out of 10 shop more products online with each purchase than before. The greatest development is a older target group, from 50 years and up, who in recent months have increased their online purchases. As a gift card provider, we see the same trend, that everything points more and more towards online. Digital gift card sales have tripled during the corona, and this shows that even more people want to buy a gift cards as a digital gift than before.



It can feel hard for companies to switch to digital behaviors, but it is almost no choice anymore. Before the pandemic, companies had the opportunity to postpone their digital development, but now it is a must for many to survive. One step to help companies to get there is to sell digital gift cards and expose them online, which is a good possibility to increase their sales:

– With the fact that everything points to online, we as a gift card supplier want to do our part to help more companies get started with their digital gift card sales. Despite this, we still have a large proportion of our customers who don´t offer gift cards online. We want to change that. We want to make it as easy as possible for companies to get started and have therefore developed our web application that is easy to set up, with or without e-commerce. The consumer will see a new stylish design, few steps to complete a purchase and a flexible payment solution, Kerstin Svensson, Sales Manager at Retain24 tells us.


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