Awardit – An incredible range for gift cards through loyalty programs and reward shops

Awardit is the Nordic region’s largest operator of customer clubs, loyalty programs, sales motivation programs and reward shops. Awardit handles over 60 different programs with about 13 million members. Through Awardit, you have the opportunity to both market and resell gift cards to millions of people. The programs give your gift cards an incredible reach that is not possible in any other gift card channel.

“Through Awardit, we have managed to sell gift cards for very large sums in just a few months! This has quickly become a very important channel for our gift card sales ”- NetOnNet

Why awardit as a partner?

A brand new channel
Awardit different loyalty programs and reward shops as a gift card channel are an opportunity not given anywhere else. A brand new digital channel for your gift cards. Awardit buys your gift cards and resells them in the programs. Here you have a great opportunity to find new target groups and reach millions of people on a platform outside your own and traditional gift card channels.

Increased distribution is guaranteed
In Awardit’s programs, you will find SAS Eurobonus, Scandic Friends, Benify, Handelsbanken, E.ON, Folkspel, Beijer among others. With Awardit as a partner, your gift cards will be available in all programs and reward shops. Your gift card will be one of the options to choose from when members redeem their earned points. A guaranteed increased distribution of gift cards! This also includes the new gift card channel Zupergift. A gift card valid for several brands. Your gift card and brand will be part of the Zupergift gift card sold on, in selected retail stores and resold through all Awardit’s programs. An enormous potential for both marketing and selling more gift cards.

Fast and easy
With no other partner, it is this easy to get started as with Awardit. Become a partner with Awardit and you do not have to take care of anything yourself. You also do not need to have digital distribution of gift cards today, Awardit solves it for you. Awardit distributes gift cards digitally via the system quickly and nicely to the recipient. This is also a cheap way for you to sell lots of gift cards.

“We are really pleased with Awardit as a reseller of our gift cards. They sell more gift cards than our largest stores and have really helped us drive many more customers to our stores. ”
– Jaktia

Interested in Awardit’s channels?
Contact LG Haedge, Client Success Manager, email or call 070 – 535 38 77.

”The reach we have through Awardit is difficult to achieve in another channel, it has given our gift card business a real boost” – Cervera

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