26/11 2019

Eco-friendly gift cards are just right in time

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Last fall, Retain24 started delivering eco-friendly gift cards printed on organic paper. Since then, many requests have been received during the past year from our customers regarding this gift cards. The customers who are placing a new order on physical gift cards now prefer to use the more environmentally friendly alternative. [...]

23/10 2019

Go all in on gift cards online

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When e-commerce is growing, the physical stores are experiencing problems. According to Swedish E-commerce 2019 from DIBS by nets, customers buying journey are better taking care of online than physically. The online shopping experience is considered both convenient and secure. According to the report, products that are rarely bought by consumers [...]

18/09 2019

Retain24 Sverige AB gets a new owner

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Now the deal is done, Retain24 is bought by Awardit AB, which becomes the new owner of the company from 1st of October. Awardit currently works with loyalty programs and has previously acquired companies such as Sponsorhuset, Motivation Service and Crossroads Loyalty Solutions to their portfolio. Together, Retain24 and Awardit will [...]

03/09 2019

4 fun ways to give your gift cards some attention

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In addition to showing that you´re selling gift cards in store and online, there are other ways to give your gift cards attention as a product. Here are four tips on how your company can market your gift cards in a festive way    1. Gift cards in the package delivered  [...]

29/04 2019

Butterick´s chooses Retain24s gift card system

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Environmentally friendly gift card at Butterick´s when choosing Retain24 as a gift card supplier. Butterick's Leco, one of the country's largest party and masquerade companies, selects environmentally friendly gift cards from Retain24. A gift card that is completely free of PVC. The Butterick's is already cash-free and by now offering its [...]

09/04 2019

Gift card retailer Huuray becomes a new partner to Retain24

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Retain24 is expanding our partner network with another partner - Huuray. Huuray is a digital gift card retailer for stores, webshops and experiences across Scandinavia. - Where are looking forward to the cooperation with Retain24 in. By partnering with Retain24 we get access to a wide range of retail stores across Sweden [...]

11/03 2019

5 ways to wrapp your gift card

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After you have bought a gift card as a gift, it is always nice if it comes with a folder or something similar around the gift card itself. If you do not want to buy a folder for your gift card then here is five fun ways to wrapp your gift [...]

26/02 2019

8 occasions to give a gift card

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It is known that gift cards are a popular gift that is appreciated by the recipient. According to a survey by First Data *, it is gift cards that you prefer to give away as a gift. Yes its right, gift cards come before all other gifts. So when do you [...]