Verifylr in cooperation with Sparakvittot

Retain24s subsidiary Verifylr has signed a cooperation agreement with Sparakvittot (SaveTheReceipt). Retailers that are using Retain24's system can now enable their customers to save their mobile gift cards in Sparakvittot. The cooperation also means that the connected retailers will be able to create loyalty campaigns; for example to reward the users [...]

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Presend extends their engagement with Norwegian Olav Thon Group

Retain24s subsidiariesPresend has previously delivered the gift card system to Olav Thon Group’s Swedish shopping centres Nordby and Töcksfors. This partnership has now been extended to include all the shopping centres belonging to the Olav Thon Group in Sweden.   Siri Vaagland, responsible for gift cards at Olav Thon Group explains, [...]

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Retain24 expands with Granit

In December the home decoration retailer Granit opened their first store in Germany. Granit will also implement their gift card system from Retain24 there and since the system is integrated in Granit´s POS it is very easy to roll out the solution in new markets.   - Diversifying the gift card [...]

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B2B sales a boost för Södertälje’s gift card program

Södertälje City Center received a very large order for several thousand gift cards, and thus needed to invest in a new, more modern system. They chose Retain24s subsidiaries Presend, who can deliver both the system, as well as the cards needed. Lena Schulte, manager for Södertälje City Center Association, says that [...]

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New subsidiary for Retain24

Together with Joachim Alvarez, Retain24 has setup a new subsidiary. The company, named Verifylr, will offer smartphone coupons. Joachim is a well-known Swedish expert in mobile marketing and was an early pioneer within the area. One of his first campaigns was for unilever owned GB-glace and became an instant success. The [...]

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