Awardit – An incredible range for gift cards through loyalty programs and reward shops

Awardit is the Nordic region's largest operator of customer clubs, loyalty programs, sales motivation programs and reward shops. Awardit handles over 60 different programs with about 13 million members. Through Awardit, you have the opportunity to both market and resell gift cards to millions of people. The programs give your gift [...]

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Harrys launches gift cards at its restaurants

Harrys has been around since 1993 and is a brasserie with Swedish roots, a relaxed meeting place for people to combine good food and drink. Today, you can find Harrys in about 20 places around Sweden. Restaurants that all in the future will provide gift cards. Harrys has chosen us at [...]

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Waynes Coffee invests in their gift cards

Waynes Coffee has chosen to invest in their gift card business and chooses Retain24 as supplier. Waynes Coffee is a Swedish franchise café chain that was the first of its kind in Scandinavia. Today, you can find them all over Sweden and in nine other countries around the world. Waynes Coffee's [...]

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Bastard Burgers becomes a new customer

Bastard Burgers is a fast growing street food chain. Award-winning burgers and Sweden's largest vegan selection are served here. Love of food and people has created a strong culture around Bastard Burgers, where both climate-smart initiatives and loud hip hop can be found. The inspiration is taken from New York and [...]

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E-commerce in Sweden increased by 45 percent in July

As a result of the current corona pandemic, the number of visits to physical stores has decreased significantly. The majority of people want to avoid crowds and places where you can meet many people at the same time, such as grocery stores and public transport. According to the report e-barometer from [...]

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Eco-friendly gift cards are just right in time

Last fall, Retain24 started delivering eco-friendly gift cards printed on organic paper. Since then, many requests have been received during the past year from our customers regarding this gift cards. The customers who are placing a new order on physical gift cards now prefer to use the more environmentally friendly alternative. [...]

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