Butterick´s chooses Retain24s gift card system

Environmentally friendly gift card at Butterick´s when choosing Retain24 as a gift card supplier. Butterick's Leco, one of the country's largest party and masquerade companies, selects environmentally friendly gift cards from Retain24. A gift card that is completely free of PVC. The Butterick's is already cash-free and by now offering its [...]

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5 ways to wrapp your gift card

After you have bought a gift card as a gift, it is always nice if it comes with a folder or something similar around the gift card itself. If you do not want to buy a folder for your gift card then here is five fun ways to wrapp your gift [...]

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8 occasions to give a gift card

It is known that gift cards are a popular gift that is appreciated by the recipient. According to a survey by First Data *, it is gift cards that you prefer to give away as a gift. Yes its right, gift cards come before all other gifts. So when do you [...]

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Gift cards should be seen as core business

The year 2019 is here and Retain24 summarize the year that has passed. We can see that companies are investing more in the handling of gift cards and in having a gift card system that meets the growing needs in the company, both instore and online. In 2018, both smaller and [...]

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EML Limited Acquires PRESEND Prepaid Solutions

The acquisition is done by EML Payments Limited, www.EMLpayments.com, an Australian based provider of prepaid financial services products with operations in Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, the US and Canada. EML is listed on the ASX Australian Securities Exchange and has a market cap of A$ 455 m (approx. SEK 2.900 m).   [...]

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When Lekia were to modernize their gift card program, they chose Retain24’s solution. Despite the fact that they launched their new electronic gift cards as recently as in February 2016, the results have shown quickly. We have spoken to Ulf Werner, profile and concept manager with Lekia, to get to know [...]

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Curious about the latest trends in retail? Then be sure to visit the SHOP Nordic, Scandinavia's top retail event which is back in the new version. Experience a meeting place with a focus on interior design and store concept. Together with EG Retail, which is one of our POS partners, we [...]

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Retain24 celebrates 10 years

Ten years can be just a moment, but in the business world it is often an eternity. Pair this with a technological entrepreneurship, and anything can happen. In the end of 2005, the entrepreneur Claudio Simatovic, last seen at Clear Channel, investigated which areas of business that held the most potential. [...]

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