Butterick´s chooses Retain24s gift card system

Environmentally friendly gift card at Butterick´s when choosing Retain24 as a gift card supplier. Butterick's Leco, one of the country's largest party and masquerade companies, selects environmentally friendly gift cards from Retain24. A gift card that is completely free of PVC. The Butterick's is already cash-free and by now offering its [...]

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Gift card retailer Huuray becomes a new partner to Retain24

Retain24 is expanding our partner network with another partner - Huuray. Huuray is a digital gift card retailer for stores, webshops and experiences across Scandinavia. - Where are looking forward to the cooperation with Retain24 in. By partnering with Retain24 we get access to a wide range of retail stores across Sweden [...]

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