The perfect gift for Christmas. - Retain 24

The perfect gift for Christmas.

torsdag 23 november 2016

Buying Christmas gifts is difficult. Buying Christmas gifts appreciated by everyone, is even harder.

If you want to be certain that you’re giving away something that will be appreciated by your employees, you should go for a gift card. In Sweden one out of three people regard gift cards as being the best present their employer can give them – shown in a survey made by marketing survey company Yougov, published at on November 18, 2016. Mostly due to the freedom of choice, gift cards are often at the top of many wish-lists.

Many retail companies exploit the B2B-market themselves in order to sell gift cards. If you lack your own B2B-sales, you can use different resellers to reach this market.

”Retain24´s gift card system has existing connections to a number of resellers, and is an excellent way of reaching beyond your own sales channels, and is also a way to sell to businesses. For those of our clients that use resellers to sell more gift cards, these tend to sell about 10-30 % of the total sales of gift cards” says Kerstin Svensson, Head of Sales at Retain24.

December is, not surprising, the month that sells most gift cards over the year. In retail December holds about a third of the total sales of the year, and for some branches that share is even bigger.

”We can tell there’s a large potential for retailers in Sweden to sell more gift cards to the corporate market, specifically due to it being a gift with such freedom of choice for the receiver” Kerstin continues.